Week Five

This has been an interesting week. I have lost 2 inches around the belly and 5 pounds. My menu has changed and it meant a lot of cutting down portions and paying attention to the kinds of food I choose.  Things are going much better. Because of the weather and my driving I don’t exercise as much as I should.  Gene

Week Two

This was a week of learning more about using the equipment. This has been a real learning experience as I have been used to using only one machine.  I still start out by walking 3-4 times around the track before doing other exercises. After learning the names of all the equipment it will be easier to give a report. I exercise my back by using 50 lbs. I lift the dumb bells and do the heal to toe exercise last. I hope I will begin to feel and see the results.

Week One

I walk the track 3-4 rounds. Then I do the tread mill for 5 minutes. From there I go to the 5 lb. dumb bells with a variety of lifting. I feel it does loosen up my joints and hope it helps to change the fat to muscle.