Week Six

These 6 weeks have gone by so fast!!  I know I have lost weight, but not for sure how much.  I'm going to wait until I do the final assessment with Polly.  I've also lost inches--feels great!  I have been able to steadily knock time off the 5k each week.  I'm well on my way to that 26 minute 5k in May.  So glad I have had this opportunity to adopt new and better eating and workout habits.  It really has worked for me.  Just the push I needed to get off that plateau!!

Week Five

I can't believe 4 weeks have passed already!!  It's been going well for me.  I've lost 2 pounds this week and some more inches.  I feel great.  I upped my weights this past week and it's amazing how a small change can make the muscles scream the next day!  Keep at it everyone!!

Week Four

I made both my personal goals for this week!  Yeah!!  I lost another pound and I was able to cut 25 seconds off my 5k.  Still not down to where I want to be at, but this is a great start.  Everything is becoming easier to do, so will have to kick it up a little more.  Will be out of town this weekend, so hopefully will be able to get in to a fitness center and work out or at least run.  Keep at it!!!

Week Three

Second week has gone very well.  Have lost a couple of pounds and 1/2" on waist!!  I'm thrilled.  Haven't been able to get that done for a long time!  For me I think it's really been the kick up in the cardio.  I've basically been eating the same things as before, just smaller portions.  Hey everybody, stick with it!  It's worth it!!!

Week Two

One week under the belt!  I started out with a challenge because I wasn't able to get to the fitness center on Monday or Tuesday because of other things going on.  I have been watching what I eat, so hopefully it won't hurt me too much.  I did figure out that I've been eating the right things; I was just over portioning.  Will have my office Christmas party on Saturday (8th).  Hopefully I won't stray too far off the path.  I plan on making it to the fitness center each day on the weekend, so that will help.  Haven't weighed myself yet.  I'm going to wait awhile yet before I do that.  Can tell some difference in how my clothes fit already though.  Well, on to the 2nd week!!!