Week Four

This past week has been a bit of a struggle. Not doing as well as I hoped to be doing. The excerising is not going well. Although I went snowmobiling and for those that have ever been snowmobiling I found out I have some muscles I never knew I had and they are very sore muscles.
My eating habits are going very well, very seldom do I eat out, I bring my own breakfast and lunch. Supper is usually meat, vegetables and wheat bread. Snacks usually consist of pretzels or baked chips.
Smoking well still trying to cut back!
Wish me better luck for this week!

Week Three

All is going well! My eating habits have changed a lot these past couple weeks. I can tell I have lost some weight just by eating healthier.
I don't exercise as much as I want too, so my goal this week is to get to the gym and hit it hard. It's a bit challenging with 2 kids, so I have to find some other time that will work into my schedule.
I've cut back in smoking, but not done yet! I will get there hopefully! It helps that my husband is trying to quit too!
Hoping for a good week!

Week Two

Last week started out great, then the weekend came and that was a little difficult. I didn't get time to work out like I wanted to, due to have this great head cold that I think everyone has or had and some other conflicts!

One of my goals was to eat breakfast on a daily basis and that is going great! I've cut down on smoking, but not where I want to be yet. This week should be a much better week. I have a goal set and hope all goes as planned.

Week One

My assessment is what I thought it would be. I didn't have any big shocks with the results, I have more strenght than I thougth which I was happy about.
One of my biggest fears is eating breakfast and to quit smoking but I am ready for both challenges!
I plan on bringing my lunch to work, eating 3 meals a day and healthy meals. I plan on having a cheat day once a week. Not sure if this is the right thing to do!
I plan on going to work out at least 3 times this week for 45 min. I will be working with Sandy (my trainer) to use the right equipment at the RACC to accomplish my goals on where I want to lose my weight. I am focusing on losing the weight in my core area.
I want to gain some strength in my legs and arms.
Excited to start this new step!

        Dorie's Response

                                    Having a “planned cheat” day can work into a diet plan, sometimes allowing those extras can help a person stick to a plan longer 
                            and not feel so deprived, however a caution would be to still be somewhat sensible with your cheat day.  The key to maintaining control
                             is in deciding what you want, how much you'll have, and then to "eat it with full consciousness”.  A whole day of random “eat whatever” 
                             can undo a lot of good effort all week long.
                            I hope you are doing well with the challenge.  Good Luck!