Week Six

The lost person has returned to the nest.  
I had a difficult two weeks with reporting on my progress.  I have been sick for last ten days and was not motivated to update my log.  I started the work outs again.  Even through I felt poorly, I was able to continue with my cardio workouts but fell behind on my weight lifting.  I will start that again today.
The best news though is my dietary habits have improved.  I am consistently balancing my diet over the entire day.  I have been able to control by late night snacking.  I do miss my lunch buffet.
I have found a new activity for the winter.  I am sold on snowshoeing in and around Redwood and Renville County.     I have enjoyed the parks and wildlife management areas in the summer time but the winter snowshoeing allows me access to areas unavailable during the summer months.  The cost of a set of snowshoes is not excessive and can be used for years.
I hope you have a good week
Bruce Kaardal

Week Three

Life is good.  It is easy for me to enjoy exercising from weight lifting, to cross training, to snowshoeing and basketball.  It allows me to enjoy the freedom of movement and challenges my fitness boundaries.  The program is helping to develop my training for the future.  As I age, the challenge will be hear my body saying this is enough for today. 
I have started by weight lifting this week.  My goal is not necessarily to gain strength but to maintain flexibility in range of motion so I can continue to the activities into my sixties.
The meal program has been a challenge with snacking.  The basic meals are easy.  The snacks late at night are killers.  This week I will control my snack attack. 
I hope you have a good week.