Week Six

so this week has been a bit harder for me as I have not been able to get to the gym. I have however been wking out at home. I did several ab workouts and definately felt every bit of it. I have been slacking on keeping track of the foods I have been eating. I lost my book for a few days and just need to work hard at keeping up with it. I realize when life gets busy the first thing to loose is the time to go exercise(need to work on that) I have my final assessment on Wed and I am very excited to see the results.

Week Five

This week has been a bit different for me as I was super busy. I did manage to get 2 good work outs in. I have had a hard time keeping up on wirting all my food intake down. There is a few days when I have nothing. I did pretty well on the diet but did sneak to mc.donalds once. I have come to realize that no matter how hard I try to eat 3 meals a day it is NOT me. I cannot do it! I am just focusing on making the 2 meals that I do eat very healthy choices and try to eat healthier snacks.

Week Four

 I have done quite well in week 3. I have lost a total of 5 lbs so far and I feel great. I have still been having issues with skipping meals and have found some solutions to that problem. I am keeping a meal replacement bar with me at all times so that I have something on hand. I have been doing very well in the gym and feel comfortable there.

Week Two

well the first week is over. It was hard getting motivated but once I got going it was hard to stop. I did very well with my diet. I purchased nutritional supplements since I was having issues eating breakfast. I found a good company called ViSalus and the shakes are really tasty and not medicine like. I also have been eating allot of the special k products as they are really easy to follow. The products are very good tasting and keeps me within my calorie intake. I met with my trainer and she said I would need to go to the gym 2 times per week to make my goal. I went 4 times this week and I am one hurting unit today. My body hurts in areas I didn't know I have muscles ha-ha... I have lost 1 1/2 lbs since I started and I feel so much better. I cant imagine how I will feel five weeks from now :) I do have to say I am so thankful for my trainer as I was so confused going into the gym. Before I would not go past the elliptical machines and now I am able to target the problem areas so that I can reach my goals.

Week One

My thoughts on starting the one step challenge is that I am VERY excited. I am very motivated to make healthy changes (diet) My only concerns is getting the time to go to the gym. I just recently changed to a new rotation and it is going to be difficult to balance. I feel like I am taking away from my kids to go to the gym. I started my "diet" on Thursday and it feels good to eat healthy. It is helpful to use the log books that were given to us. It makes me think about what I am going to eat since I HAVE to document it. One of my goals was to stop skipping meals which I do not do intentionally it is just because of the work schedule but I realized when documenting my eating that I am still doing that! My goal for this first week is to get to the gym at least 3 times and work out for 1 hour and not skip ANY meals. My only question would be should I just start a nutrition supplement shake since it is so difficult for me to work in that 3rd meal?

        Dorie's Response

                                A nutritional shake is good to have for just those situations - when it is going to be difficult to get in a meal. Be sure to balance
                        it out with some additional fruit or vegetables.  I do not encourage it to be used as a meal replacement consistently, but it certainly 
                       can add nutrition and energy at those times when a regularly scheduled meal is missed.  There are a variety of meal supplements 
                              Good luck with the challenge and fitting it all in with your new schedule.